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La Cave Gargantua represents the best part of the wine-making tradition of the Aosta Valley, made of passion and desire of amaze.

Cave Gargantua Gressan - Aosta Valley wine cellar

A family passion, brought to excellence

Cave Gargantua is not simply a winery that produces high-level Aosta Valley wines; it is the story of a family, that of the Cunéaz, in which the figure of grandfather Pierino stands out, who over the years has been able to pass on his passion for the vine to his son Santino and to his grandchildren Laurent and André Cunéaz. Laurent, in particular, then decided to dedicate his life to wine: therefore, after the studies carried out at the Institut Agricole Régional of Valle d'Aosta, the first experiences in the vineyard and the experimental research on Aosta Valley wines, together with brother André founded the Cave Gargantua winery in Gressan, his beloved hometown.

The name "Gargantua" comes from a local legend, which claims that the moraine of debris that stands out over the town of Gressan is not a simple natural conformation but the little toe of a giant, Gargantua.

The love and passion that guide Laurent and André Cunéaz in the creation of their wines is evident to anyone who knows them or has the opportunity to speak with them even for just a few minutes. Laurent loves to experiment, create new labels, carry out ambitious winemaking projects that often lead him to research in the field, among the vineyards, or to try out new aging techniques in the cellar.

The result is wines of excellence, which over the years have won numerous prizes and important recognitions, and which make Cave Gargantua one of the most representative wineries in the Aosta Valley.

Cave Gargantua wines:

- Red wines:

  • Pinot Noir
  • Pierre (Pinot Nero)
  • Gamay Cave Gargantua
  • Gamaret 
  • Torrette Supérieur Labié
  • Impasse Cave Gargantua
  • Gargantua Rouge

- White wines:

  • Pinot Gris
  • Mon Dadà
  • Gargantua Blanc
  • Daphne
  • Vin de la Fée

- "Passiti" wines (dried grapes):

  • Spillo d'Oro

Cave Gargantua Aosta: where the cellar is located

The winery is located in Gressan, a town about 4 kilometers from Aosta. By booking it is possible to visit it and make guided tastings.