Yndella was the name of a small portion of land in a village in the valley of the Gran San Bernardo. In rotation were cultivated potatoes and other vegetables. From a small strip of land, in favourable years, it was possible to obtain the annual sustenance for an entire family. The concept of Yndella as a small plot is compared to the entire Aosta's Valley, which, in contrast with the world, is a small territory, from which, however, you can get a multitude of products and quality services associated to the "food & beverage", to the craftsmanship world and to Alpine tourism.

The territory is small but geographically tough. Thanks to Yndella.Com the area becomes a huge warehouse just one click away. On Yndella.Com you’ll find a series of "merchants", manufacturers and traders related to the Aosta’s Valley, with a special attention to their local roots. Thanks to Yndella.Com the "merchants" broaden their chance to communicate with the lovers of the Valle d'Aosta as you.

In the "merchant" sections you’ll find some items stating that they are "100% MADE IN VALLE D'AOSTA", those products are designed and created at the slope of the highest European mountains. You will also find special selections made by the shops and linked to their commercial insights; picked up from all over Italy and abroad. You'll have the pleasure of knowing who has produced or prepared the product you have in your cart knowing that comes directly from his craftsmanship, no matter if he is a manufacturer or a dealer.

Yndella.Com offers the opportunity to order from several "Shops" and receive your purchases from all over the Aosta’s Valley through a partnership with GLS. The products will leave, each one separately, from their own locations, but they will reach your home as a single shipment. Let's take an example, thanks to Yndella.Com you can buy in the same order the Fontina D.O.P. from the high mountain pasture in the Pila’s area in Gressan and the Lard d'Arnad D.O.P. from the lower Aosta’s Valley. Paying only one single shipment!