List of products by brand Distillati Levi

The Levi Distilled are synonym of high quality and purity, a must have in your collection!

The Levi family is the core of the history of distillation in Valle d'Aosta, is a symbol of traditional products that over the years continue to meet the tastes of millions of customers around the world. Gugliemo Levi, one of the heirs of a famous family of grapat from Campodolcino, decided to move to Valle d'Aosta in order to open his own distillery during the early years of the twentieth century. He chose a central area of ​​the city of Aosta, enclosed by the Roman walls, a place from where he could easily supply all the main street and the suburbs. There, he gave expression to the knowledge acquired in his family, a prominent clan that gave birth to many manufacturers of liqueurs, now settled in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. Grappa Levi, then as now, is synonymous of quality of both raw materials and finished products, because the choice of a fine pomace is the direct cause of unique products that stand out in time. Thus born the single-variety range, a series of bottles that derived from a single variety of grape, for a quaint and clean flavour. Today, the Levi's grappas are produced and sold by Nicola Rosset, son of Natalina, daughter of Guglielmo, who, in the second half of '900, founded the St. Roch Distillery, the current parent company of Levi grappas and distillates. A knowledge belonging to family, which grows and renews itself over time, taking from the Valle d'Aosta its strength.