Vodka - Gin


Vodka is a distillate of cereals or potatoes, originating from East Europa (Poland, Russia), obtained after several distillations. It is a white alcohol with a neutral taste, that is why it is very often flavoured (bison herb, pepper, honey, etc).
Vodka can be drunk straight, cold, or can be associated with other ingredients to create many cocktails and long drinks. One can mention the famous Bloody Mary based on vodka, tomato juice and lemon juice. Other popular cocktails with vodka are Capirinha with vodka, lime and cane sugar or Capiroska with vodka, lime, strawberries, strawberry cordial and cane sugar.

Gin is a strong spirit used in many cocktails such as Gin Fizz or Gin Tonic.

Yndella offers in this section a selection of fruit-flavoured-vodkas, to drink cold, straight, or to use in the preparation of cocktails.