List of products by brand Alpe - Distillati e liquori

The Alpe Distillery is the producer of immortals liquors such as the Nero Glaciale and the Herbetet.

The Alpe Distillery, located in Hone, is on the market of liqueurs and spirits for over 60 years. Years during which the Calvetti family, who founded and still leads the company, brought his professionalism and expertise on the tables and in the bars around the northern Italy with unique products of great quality, born from a passion for the pursuit of good and beauty. From here, from the experimental recipes of the head of family, affected by continuous curiosity, are born products such as Herbetet, Le Sapin, the Nero Glaciale... and do not forget the coffee of Friendship ready for use, perfect to match the Cups. Products to try, bitters perfect to be tasted at the end of the meal with family and friends to keep you warm on winter evenings.