Mountain Artisanal Beers

The world of Artisanal Beers is experiencing a new golden age: over the years, in fact, the breweries have increased in number and many young people transformed in work their passion.

In Aosta Valley the situation is not different. Breweries of small and medium size are giving new life to an ancient art, with the help of new studies and precision. Many expert brewers monitor and examine the new beers, shaped by the raw materials present in the region.

In fact the Aosta Valley beers stand out because of their geographical origin: the Valle d'Aosta is a cradle protected by high mountains that preserve pure and extraordinary conditions. The analysis carried out on the waters determined an high level of sweetness, excellent for the production of all kinds of beer.

And that’s the cause that explains the driving reason for the settlement and the creation of the mountain craft breweries.

With a water so pure brewers are forced to match it with hops and other raw materials of incredible quality: mountain beers, produced in limited quantities, are in fact an excellent combination of pure water with hops of selected origin, chosen among best the crops in the world.

Blond, red, dark... A huge catalogue of beers is invading the Aosta Valley and it is growing stronger in Italy and in the world.

Here, on, you can find mountain beers of all kinds, from the most classic ones to the most modern, like the beer with Génépy aroma.