Sant’Orso Fair

In occasion of the 2017 Sant’Orso Fair, Aosta will become the kingdom of craftsmanship, like it does every year for the 30th and the 31st January. The fair is called the “thousand-year old“ because it has been celebrated for a thousand of years. The center of Aosta will hosts the big and unique world of the handmade craftsmanship of the Valley: the wood will be the main protagonist, accompanied by soapstone’s sculptures, iron tools and copper, ceramic and glass artworks.


The origins.

The year 1000 is considered as the first year in which the fair has been hypothetically celebrated. The wood fair of Aosta was first celebrated in the area of the Sant’Orso Church.

The legend tells that the Saint, precisely in front of the church, during the last days of January, used to give to the poverty-stricken clothes and sabots, the wooden shoes that are now a typical product of craftsmanship.


The today Fair.

For the Aosta Valley and for hundreds of people passionate in handmade pieces, the 30th and the 31st January are days of holiday: the 2017 Sant’Orso Fair is the perfect occasion for all the artisans of the valley for showing their artworks.


Unique moments.

The days of the fair follow a fast rhythm and their peak occur during the Veilla (literally the act of staying up all night long, in Aosta Valley language, the Patois), the long night between the 30th and the 31st, when the cellars of the habitants opens to the public and the Vin Brulé, the tastings, the singings and the dancings are the protagonists.


Our selection., in order to pay homage to the event, selected many different and unique products that you would only find at the St. Orso Fair; among which the typical Friendship's cups, the Grollas, the wooden Tatà (small toy, horse-shaped), the Sabots (wooden shoes), the baskets, the Sant’Orso Grappas and several others… Here you’ll find them, available all along the year. The Sant’Orso Fair is waiting for you. Enjoy it. Here can you look the official website of Sant'Orso Fair.

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