Vallée d'Aoste Jambon de Bosses DOP

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Prosciutto from national pork thighs, salted with a preparation of sea salt and herbs certified of the Valle d'Aosta. Compact shape, dark red colour, aromatic and fragrant flavour, slightly salty with a sweet aftertaste. Also available boned, pressed and in slice. It is aged on a bed of mountain pasture hay.


Variante unica


The Prince of Valle d'Aosta’s cold cuts

The Jambon de Bosses is the prince of the Valle d'Aosta’s cold cuts, it needs no production description or justification, because it follows the irony rules of the PDO, which guarantees an excellent quality and carefully discipline all the processing steps from the seasoning with salt and local herbs, to the ageing on a bed of hay, to the deboning with manual binding; the continuous controls of all stages, starting from breeding of pigs to the labelling by the inspection bodies accredited by the Minister of Agriculture.
The Jambon contains in its tradition the flavours of the seasoning of the meat of the Gran San Bernardo documented since 1397 in the archives of the hospice on the hill of the same name. Produced as in the past, with simple and ancient gestures handed down by generations of 'viou i tzoveno' , from old to young.

The Ageing

The Jambon PDO is marked at 12 months, but the ageing of the perfect product is 18 months to obtain an high quality result.

Peculiarities of the Vallée d'Aoste Jambon de Bosses PDO

The patient production process of the Jambon begins with the selection of the best thighs of prized pigs and continues with the various stages of an ancient method of production, that perpetuates itself always following the same ritual: the salting, the addition of aromatic herbs of the valley, the long ageing (12 months) on a hay bed... a great craftsmanship that, along with the extraordinary climatic peculiarities of the area, has allowed this delicacy to get the Protected Designation of Origin certificate.
The prestigious brand - recognized by the European Community under EC Reg. No. 1263 of July 1996 and guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry – attests the conformity of the entire production chain to the parameters settled for the product itself, ensuring the highest quality possible to the consumers and, at the same time, protecting a unique culinary value.

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